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What are backlinks and why are they important?

Backlinks are simply incoming links to one website from another, a friends website linking to
your website for instance. With other words, backlinks are links (URLs) of your website
placed on another website. For example if some find something interesting on your website,
he can decide to add the url of your website-page containing the interesting article to
his website; that linking back to the interesting article is called a backlink; so he can
always easily find that interesting article with only 1 click straight from his website;
that is the power of a backlink.

Of course backlinks are very important
For many years there had been too high an importance placed on the number of backlinks
a website had rather than their quality. People spent time generating links from various
places such as article directories, website directories and link farms (a collection of websites
all linking to each other), in order to trick search engines into thinking their website must be
high quality due to the vast quantity of backlinks it had…however this is no longer the case.
These days, the quality of website backlinks are assessed on a number of factors including
what type of website the link is from, whether the content on both websites is similar,
and the anchor text used in the hyperlink. Therefore, having lots of backlinks is not necessarily
better than only having a few high quality links, and in some cases, obtaining many low
quality links can be damaging.

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